This is by no means intended to be a controversial statement or an exercise in false humility, but merely a fact, and what used to be widely accepted as shear common sense. And it's not the "I'm a sinner" acknowledgement like the ones made by great saints who could be pictured on Catholicism's Dream Team - from St. Paul to St Augiustine, from St. Gemma Galgani to Mother Teresa, but an accurate admission from a far more frequent offender.

I'm just a man who will not remain silent and do nothing so that evil will prevail, and churches, families and children will be damaged or destroyed in its wake. I am merely a simple, humble, but zealous defender of Christ, and the principles of the faith He passed down to His apostles, writing to and calling out other like-minded Catholics and Christians with a simple battle plan to win the culture war and restore all things in Christ.


I am a sinner

To those who still care, I'm a Catholic husband and father of five, a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the University of Chicago Law School - an attorney by trade, and an evangelizer by baptism.