III. Restoration Of The Culture


 "Behold the Heart that has so loved men, instead of gratitude I receive from the greater part of mankind only ingratitude".

      Just so you don’t think we’re making this whole thing up, not the problems and need for restoration of the family, the Church, and the culture of course, which our founders would describe as “self-evident”, but the proposed strategy and solutions for this dire state, please note that rather than reinvent the bread slicer, we’re using scripture, tradition, revelation and the invaluable lessons from our nearly 2000 year history, which has experienced and overcome far worse problems than we face today. That’s why we prayerfully rely on Divine Providence and the lessons from the Early Church, The Fall of the Roman Empire, the pinnacle of Christendom, and other historical events and divine revelations, where God’s providence was on full display.

      The key is doing God’s will, not our own, on God’s time, and in God’s manner, placing all our trust in Him, not in ourselves or any man, for then will He bless and magnify our efforts and accomplish His purposes. Our own desires, plans, and revolutionary schemes are never authorized or endorsed by God, for with God the means are every bit as important if not more so than the ends, and we are called to be faithful and obedient only acting in accordance with His principles, even if we believe evil will prevail unless we do something drastic, novel, or contrary to our Christian principles. They never will. Rather than naively believe that God is on our side, we have to make sure we are in fact on God’s side. And remember we know how it all ends, whenever it will, be it an hour, a year, a century, or a millennia, we win.

     But our lessons from Christendom also show the failures, the revolutions, the might-have-beens, and how, had men and women of their time just followed the course God laid out for them, and fulfilled their mission in life, how the world would look much different, and much more Christian today. In the aftermath of the man-made revolution which severed the Body of Christ and the unity of Christendom in the 16th Century, and in the violence, schisms and heresies that increased in number and intensity, Jesus appeared to a humble nun, Sister Margaret Mary Alacoque, in Paray-le Monial France beginning in 1673. In exposing His most Sacred Heart to St Margaret Mary, Jesus said: "Behold the Heart that has so loved men, instead of gratitude I receive from the greater part of mankind only ingratitude". Christ’s message to this young simple nun was, among other things, to spread this devotion of His unfathomable love for us under the symbol of His heart of flesh and, relatedly, to encourage frequent reception of the Holy Eucharist, especially on First Fridays.

      A little known fact about this devotion was that Jesus wanted this devotion to be spread in a top down manner, and asked St. Margaret Mary to write to the most influential, worldly, and imitated king in all of Europe, King Louis XIV, requesting that he place the image of the Sacred Heart on the standards and banners in his court and armies, and thereby spread this devotion of love throughout all the divided countries of Christendom, so that in time His Heart would be adored in the family homes of all of their citizens. Yet the vain and materialistic “Sun-King” refused this heavenly request, and in exactly 100 years from the date of this request (1679), the Reign of Terror began and the godless, bloodthirsty, anti-Catholic, French Revolution was unleashed, resulting in, among other evils, the beheading of Louis XIV great-grandson, Louis XVI, and the 500 year dynasty which included the great Saint Louis IX, came to a tragic end.

    But God will not be denied, and His plan for our salvation will not be thwarted. In fact His Providential Plan B was well underway to save souls and preserve Christendom, years before the so-called Reformation, beginning with the

Reconquista of Spain in 1491, which enabled the great Catholic King and Queen to send a Third Order Franciscan named Christopher Columbus to convert the Indians.  For God knew that 6 Million souls would soon be lost from the faith, and deprived from the grace and salvation of the Church, the Mass, and the Sacraments because of the Protestant Revolution, so He wanted the Church for whom His Son died for, to be planted and expanded to a new continent. And though initial conversions from the diabolical Aztec religion were few, once He sent the Blessed Virgin as Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Church miraculously baptized 9 Million, more than offsetting the losses in Northern Europe. Soon Christendom spread to South, Central and North America, thanks to the missionary efforts of the Catholic Church and the Providence of God.


      So where does that leave us today? Well it was God’s plan for North America to be a part of Christendom. We are moving farther and farther from His plan for us as families, as a Church, and as a culture, pushing Him to the very fringes of society. The good news is He gave us the simple plan to save Christian culture and millions of souls in the process: devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In fact, as our recent Pope’s have noted, any renewal of the face of the earth will only be successful if it is Eucharistic in nature.  Well the Eucharist is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and recent scientific experiments, one authorized by then Cardinal Bergolio, have even confirmed that a Consecrated Host was heart muscle of the left ventricle which pumps blood to all parts of the body, that the sample was alive when taken and contained a large amount of white blood cells indicating severe stress likely from a beating.

      In fact this Trinitarian symbol, (Sacred Heart, Holy Eucharist, and Divine Mercy) is the key to our salvation, which we as families must bring to our families and within our own homes, consecrating our Families to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, placing their images in places of honor, praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and frequent and worthy reception of the Eucharist, and, if available bringing the family to Eucharistic Adoration. Just as most of the societal ills are the result of our lack of authentic Christian love – love of God and love of others because of Christ – so too is the antidote to this lack of love the externalization and internalization of this love of Christ symbolized by His most Sacred Heart. Together let us fulfill the will of God and unleash the great graces and blessings upon a culture in desperate need of it, by bearing the symbol of Christ’s love and mercy in our homes, in our hearts, and as our battle standard in the war to save Christian Civilization.

“This devotion (to the Sacred Heart) is "the contemplation of the 'side pierced by the spear,' in which shines the limitless will of salvation on the part of God." For this reason, "it cannot be considered as a passing form of worship or devotion. Adoration of the love of God, which has found in the symbol of the 'pierced heart' its historical-devotional expression, continues to be vital for a living relationship with God."                                   


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             -Pope Benedict XVI